Bon Giovi – Bon Jovi Tribute

Bon Giovi are a look-alike and sound alike tribute to Bon Jovi, fronted by UK’s leading Jon Bon Jovi impersonator, Andrea Oggiano. They formed in 1999 and have had 16 years touring experience in the UK and Internationally.

Bon Giovi have toured around the UK and performed Internationally in the Middle East, Slovenia, Austria, Cyprus, Spain and Germany to name a few, for clients such as Harley Davidson, Vodafone, Butlins, Chicago Rock Cafes, Yates, Walkabouts, The British Motorcycle Federation and Jack Daniels.

They were also the only tribute act to be asked to appear on the New Jersey tribute album ‘Garden State Of Mind Vol. 1’, a celebration of Bon Jovi’s music career to date. Bon Giovi cover every aspect of Bon Jovi’s extensive repertoire, performing all his greatest hits such as ‘Living On A Prayer’, ‘It’s My Life’, ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’, as well as tracks Bon Jovi hasn’t performed for many years.

So if you’re ready to ‘Runaway’ on ‘One Wild Night’ down that ‘Lost Highway’ for a taste of the world’s greatest Stadium Anthems, Bon Giovi are the closest you will get to the REAL THING!

The Band

Andrea Oggiano as Jon Bon Jovi
Andrea is an Italian tenor with 3 octaves vocal range and is a professional frontman with more than 10 years of experience in singing and stage appearance.

James Wright as Tico Torres
James was taught by Gino Washington’s drummer from the age of 11 and has played for numerous bands across the country. James has also collaborated with Magnum and Quo.

Wayne Harris as David Bryan
Since the age of 9, Wayne has played keyboards and piano. His stage presence and confidence comes from years of experience and collaborations with pros in the field.

Dean Harris as Richie Sambora
Dean studied at Guilford’s ACM Music College and has played the guitar since the age of 15. Dean also Tutor’s in other musical instruments including keyboards and drums.

Tony Clark as Hugh McDonald
Tony picked up his first guitar in his mid-teens and is an extraordinary guitarist as well as a professional bass player with more than 20 years of experience.

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