Bee Gees Tribute – Bootleg Bee Gees

Three dynamic artistes faithfully recreating the unique live sound of the Bee Gees.

These undisputed masters of melody bring to you a hugely entertaining, totally convincing show of magic and music of the Bee Gees, world renowned superstars.

Dominating the hearts of millions, the music of the Bee Gees is uncannily reproduced with this brilliant interpretation as hit after hit is preformed with perfection in this sensational fast moving production.

Immaculately presented, the accuracy and quality of the Bootleg Bee Gees is so close you will imagine it’s the real thing.

Your eyes and ears will deceive when you witness the falsetto of Barry, the soaring vocals of Robin and the sweet harmonies of Maurice, brought to you by this stunning threesome.

Without question the Bee Gees were one of the most accomplished groups ever with their sheer diversity of talents. Now once again, The Bootleg Bee Gees will take you back in time to recall such great songs as Massachusetts, Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, Jive Talkin’, Tragedy, I’ve gotta get a message to you, and many many more wondrous pop melodies.

Amazing audiences everywhere with this phenomenal tribute.

You can sit back, sing along or dance but above all enjoy the music.

The Bootleg Bee Gees – The Most authentic tribute ever!!!

Guide Price:

£xx.xx – 1 hour