Caricaturists – Live Entertainment

In recent years a strolling caricature artist has become one of the most popular forms of wedding entertainment.

And it’s not surprising when you consider how it really gets things off to a brilliant start with loads of laughter and hilarity. Then on top of that you will be giving your guests an original and very personal gift. To help with this, our team of caricaturists can pre-print the drawing paper with the bride and groom’s names and a short ‘we’d like to thank you for sharing our special day’ message. It makes a beautiful keepsake (that you are quite likely to find in their downstairs loo next time you pop round).

Often we are asked to come to the Champagne reception and amuse those at a loose end whilst others are having their photos taken. This usually lasts for a couple of hours before guests go in to eat. At this point we shall follow them through and spend the last hour in the dining room. It is a good time to draw the Bride and Groom and any of those on the top table that have been missed.

It may be however, that it would be more convenient for you if someone came to your evening party. This is just as good. The sketching is fast, furious and very funny. Guests are usually falling over one another to get one done.

Robert Mac – Caricature Artist

September 21, 2015

Tim – Caricature Artist

September 20, 2015

Mikey – Caricature Artist

September 19, 2015

Robert Sure – Caricature Artist

September 18, 2015

Danny Gold – Caricature Artist

September 17, 2015