c.j. TAZZ ENTERTAINMENTS – experi-MENTAL parties

Children – are you ready for interactive, awesome and pretty cool demonstrations and hands on activities with some chemical reactions and so much more? Well, you’ve come to the right place!!!
Choose your favourite wacky professor or doctor to come to your party. It’s hassle free and mess free for the mums and dads or organisers – we clean up after ourselves! Holiday clubs, schools, nurseries, fete days, demonstrations, garden centers etc.

Guide Price: £99.00 for an hour performance or £130.00 for full 1 and a half hour party.

Professor William Poopypants
(F.A.R.T – and he smells a little…..sorry!)

Professor of Chaos and Doctor in funology, Professor William Poopypants loves hosting experi-MENTAL parties. He loves children, usually dipped in batter and fried, and makes his parties special with crazy demos and lots of audience participation. His experi-MENTAL parties are full of energy and excitement, the perfect boffin as, in his own words, “I love science experiments and I am totally MENTAL!”

Dr. Miss Suzy Moody
(degree in Sillyness and Cheekyness)

In between working on her formula for a submarine powered by cheese triangles and inventing the trumpinator (no we haven’t got a clue either), Dr. Miss. Suzy Moody spends the rest of her time being the only girl member of the experi-MENTAL team.
She brings a touch of glamour to her parties as well as plenty of fun, laughter and of course brilliant science demonstrations and experiments that everyone can get involved with.
As well as being a great experi-MENTAL host Miss Moody is also a world champion spaghetti grower.

Doc.Digory Langdale
(D.O.C. and Doctor Who – he friends call him Dig)

With a passion for science and a first class degree in Tomfoolery and Giggerypokery, Doc. Dig will dazzle the children with awesome demonstrations and exciting hands-on activities.
He has an amazing ability to create his own methane gas and only this morning discovered an amazing chemical reaction with soap and water and managed to have a wash!
His antics and experiments are fun, inspiring and entertaining and he is always guaranteed to ensure that your experi-MENTAL party gets the right ‘reaction’.

Professor Andrew Maccer
(degrees in chemistry, biology, physics….NOT!)

Professor Andrew Maccer has studied all of the sciences at a number of institutions, including Strangeways, Broadmoor and wormwood scrubs. He has a collection of 300 pickled brains and is hoping to one day succeed in finishing what Dr Frankenstein started.
Currently he is spending some time at her majesties pleasure after one of his experiments resulted in the door of a safe being blown up and attracting the attention of the local constabulary.
The ultimate evil mad scientist – although Andrew is currently not available for experi-MENTAL parties but hopes to be out taking bookings soon.

Sir Maximus Mickeytake
(Hons in Tomfoolery and Giggerypokery)

After accidentally inventing the television, crunchy nut cornflakes and belly button fluff all by the age of 11, Maximus Mickeytake decided to dedicate his life to both science and laughter. (Mostly it’s him doing the science and others laughing at the results!).
After dedicating two years of his life attending Cambridge University, he finally won the window
cleaning contract and has not looked back since.
A self-proclaimed expert in everything scientific, Maxinus will make sure your experi-MENTAL party goes with a bang – and hopefully not a crash and a wallop!!