Giant Games

Giant games are a cheap and cheerful form of entertainment for any party….. make your party special and have fun with the large, waterproof games.

We offer a massive range to choose from – these games won’t fail to impress!!

Why not hire one, two, or more, of our brand new Giant Garden Games – keep the whole family entertained!

Available for delivery within Blackpool and the Fylde, Preston, Chorley and across the North-West.

Alternatively, you can buy the games to keep, so they are always on hand to play whenever you want – we sell brand new games or second hand ones!

If you require a custom package or a more detailed price list, these are available on request, just e-mail

Each of the following games are available to hire

Only £25.00
For 1 game
Only £49.00
For 3 games
Only £99.00
For 7 games


NEW…..Soft Play Hire

c.j. TAZZ ENTERTAINMENTS is the place for all your soft play to keep the little ones entertained at your special event. Whether it be at a Children’s Party, Christening, Wedding, Engagement, Family Get Together, Fun Day or Corporate Event – basically any reason to celebrate where there will be mini guests attending – any venue or at your home!
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Lots of fun to be had with this giant party game for up to 30 players. Two giant inflatable dice are thrown to find out what parts of the body you
have to place on the coloured flowers. Get knotted up with other players to make the game more difficult. Fall over and you are out!
The game includes a giant 3m square playmat, securing pegs for the lawn and two giant dice.


Take turns in removing a piece and add it to the top of the tower without the tower falling. Sounds easy! Decide when to destabilise the tower and
hope your opponent topples the whole tower. Please note this game is played with a gap between playing pieces and the first 2 rows are built with 2 blocks
per row.
There are 58 solid pine wooden blocks. The tower stands at 90cm high at the start and can grow to 1.5m during play.
Block Size 285 x 70 x 45mm (approx)

Snakes & Ladders

This creates a new dimension to the game Snakes and Ladders, where players take the place of the counters. Throw the large inflatable dice and move up the ladders or down the snakes. Mat size 3m.

Giant Dominoes

Fun for all ages, these wooden Giant Dominoes can be played indoors or outdoors and come packed in a wooden box with a handle. Each domino measures
13.5cms x 7cms x 2cms thick.


Limbo is a great party game, everyone will want to play.
How low can you go?
Lower the pole after each round, the winner is the one that can go the lowest without knocking the pole down.
Uprights 1.65m (5ft 6ins) high
Beam 1.65m (5ft 6ins) long

Connect 4

The traditional game of Connect 4 is now in a giant size! Players take turns to strategically drop giant counters, with the winner being the first
player to connect four counters, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally in a row.


Quoits is a traditional lawn game of skill and accuracy, ideal for players of any age. Players throw a quoit ring, aiming to land over wooden pegs
mounted on a solid base.

Sack Race

These are adult sacks for heavy duty fun (children can use them too!). Each coloured sack is named: Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog for added
rivalry. Choose a sack and race family & friends around the garden. Sacks measure 45″ high X 30″ wide and fit adults and children.

Space Hoppers

A fiercely competitive fun game for friends and for parties which includes 3 adult sized space hoppers for racing around the garden or park.
It contains 3 x 24 inch adult space hoppers in 3 different colours and one foot pump. It is suitable for weights up to 15 stone.
Ready, Steady…. GO!
Age Range approx 9 to Adults

Giant Skittles

Bring the fun of skittles to your home! The aim of this traditional bowling game is to knock all the skittles down, with as few attempts as
possible, and it is a fantastic game for players of all ages.
This beautifully crafted game is constructed from the highest quality polished Indian hardwood and contains 10 x 22cm skittles.

Each of the following games are available to hire at different prices:


Jumbo Buzz Wire

The aim of the game is to get the wand from one end to the other, without touching the wire and setting off the sounding alarms. You will need a steady hand for this one! A range of designs is available.

Priced £75.00 for the day

Table Football

This is the best possible fun for all you football fanatics. Perfect tables for either creating a fun game or a more serious knockout competition.

Priced £99.00 for the day/night