Children’s Birthdays – Party Plan

1 Hour Show

The entertainer will run the full hour show – no breaks in between.
Maybe, magic, disco dancing and games, balloon modeling, plate spinning, jokes, etc.

We think it’s ideal that the birthday cake is presented in this hour – maybe the last 5 minutes – the entertainer shall ensure all the children sing “Happy Birthday”

– This ensures it’s controlled and organized well. The “entertainer” hour of the party is, from experience best to be the first hour of the party.

The other hour or so of the party, that you shall be doing yourself, ideally should be taken up by feeding them (usually about 20 minutes), and then a game of pass the parcel, more disco music & traditional games like “pin the tail on the donkey.”

Letting them play in the garden (bouncy castle, giant garden games) or why not have a face painter for the last hour.

2 Hour Full Party

The entertainer runs the whole party – apart from the food (and cleaning up at the end!)
You just sit back, relax and watch the show!

Maybe, magic, disco dancing and games, balloon modeling, plate spinning, competitions, jokes, etc. etc. etc. The entertainer shall run the first hour – no breaks in between.

Half way through – food – time to feed the little cherubs! Approx. 20 minutes
We would then recommend that the birthday cake is sorted straight after the food – the entertainer shall get all the children back down onto the dance floor and ensure they all sing “Happy Birthday” – it’s controlled and organized well.

Then they would continue to entertain until the party finishes.

Each entertainer has his or her way of running a party – which games they do when – at what time they do the “balloon modeling section” of the party for example – but you can discuss these details over the phone with them before the party with pleasure.

c.j. TAZZ’s personal running order of a party:

  • Saturday afternoon
  • 12pm – 2pm for Jack’s 6th birthday party c.j. TAZZ arrives to set up at approx.
  • 11.15am/11.30amCoffee needed!
  • c.j. TAZZ starts welcoming in the children at 11.55am – music playing and speaking over the microphone.
  • 12.05pm – gets all the children sat down – then 20 minutes of banter – jokes, songs, “trumping over the mic” etc. etc.
  • 12.30pm – plate spinning
  • 12.40pm – quiz, dance competition, maybe pass the parcel.
  • 1.00pm – 1.20pm – food – c.j. TAZZ shall get them all sat down at the table – and ensure to stay sat down to eat. Pinching food etc.
  • 1.20pm – “The cake”, c.j. TAZZ shall get them all back on the dance floor and sing Happy Birthday with the kids – obviously make a fuss of this and the birthday girl/boy
  • 1.25pm – balloon modeling
  • 1.40pm – magic trick for the birthday girl/boy – again big fuss made. They shall get the trick correct and get presents
  • 1.55pm – throw sweets out – party bags and HOME!

If you have any other questions please email us at, alternatively you can contact us on 01253 591133.